15 September 2014

the worse of the worse

assalamualaikum. hi. dh lama tak update blog ni. last update pon masa bulan 2 or 3 haritu if tak silap. masa aku praktikal dulu. ok now bulan sept, aku dh mula sem baru di minggu kedua. well, 4 months to go before i end my study. actually right now i'm having a very tough and hard time. u had no idea what ive been goin through and what i have felt. nevertheless, let me tell u my feelings. i am soooo depressed, stress, helpless, hopeless, anxious, and agitated right now. u know, i'd made a very wrong decision and i receive the consequences now. i feel so regret right now. they say it is not good to think about what had happens. anyway i can't help myself from feeling that way. i am blaming myself right now. i donno since when i've been this fool. i always made a rush decision, and now i pay the price. im suffering inside. and i've met a dead ends. i donno how to solve my problems. (im not telling here the reasons, just what i feel).
return back to the class after practical for one sems, its quite hard. i couldnt focus much. i lost track. im feeling depressed. somehow i missed my practical life. it was actually all better than being here studying right now.

anyway this is my last sems here, i wish i can get as many sweet memories as i can. but seeing the situation now, it may sounds impossible. *sigh

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