22 September 2014

keep calm and endure the pain

assalamualaikum. 3rd week of class for sem 8th. right now im feeling soooooo sad. i cant deny my feelings. im tired already. why they always like to seize something precious from me? am i that threatening to them? my good friend aka my classmate starts to create a distance away from me and get close to someone that i really hate for real. there're reasons for i hate her. she deserves my hatred towards her. she's so hypocrite, two-faced and perangai mcm anak %^&%@#. I dont wanna curse here but i cant help it. maybe its a gift (i guess), that i can see through people's colour. she has this dark side that only me had notice. none of my classmates realize that about her.

ok so three of us had some bad history last two sems. well, its about our group projects. and i learned much. but my so-called-ex-close-friend never see her as someone annoying. rather, she chooses that freaking annoying girl over me. i donno what to say. i'll just trying to be cool. i know who i am. nothings can change me. let they speak bad about me, i dont care anymore. nevertheless, i dont wanna create any troubles anymore. just....

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