5 November 2012

what goes around comes around

ini bukan nk cite pasal hukum karma or org buat kita ke apa.haha. tp pasal barang. i always live my life thinking that for every stuff/things that i lost, i believe it will came to me eventually. and yes, it did happen. long time ago, ive lost my pendrive and i have no worries abt it though it has a sentiment value to me. then it return to me again. see? and happen so many times already for another things. this time i lost my matrix card. i admit i have a bit worries, to remake it, i need money yo. but alhamdulillah i found it.

and and i hope the pelangi yg hilang pun akan muncul kembali dlm hidupku. hihi ^^


Liza Razak said...

betul tu sis :)

SyasyaHaha said...


MawardiYunus said...

hahaha.. tu la sebenarnya hukum alam :)